#WhatWeKnow about Journalists

What are writers worth? How much value does the industry place on our work? On our time? How much can we, as writers, expect to be paid for our efforts?

These, and many more questions are what we are hoping to find the answers to during our mission of #GatheringIntel. We’ve talked to many of you already, and we’ve done our research, and hopefully you’ve already filled out our survey to help us discover more. But when it comes to different parts of the writing industry in Malta, there is still so much that needs to be uncovered. But for those of you who are curious, this is #WhatWeKnow about one sector of the international writing industry: journalism.

We know demographics, income, and suggested payments for journalists in the UK, but for Malta, our data is significantly lacking.


Your experiences as writers living in Malta are invaluable in helping us understand the state of the industry right now, as well as what we can do to encourage growth, development, and further opportunities. If you haven’t yet, would sincerely appreciate it if you took our survey. And if you know any other writers in Malta, definitely don’t forget to share this post with them, and encourage them to help us out too.